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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Diabetes patient's log after foot gangren operation

Unfortunately My Dad (a diabetes patient) has to go for operation to remove three of his foot fingers. It start with whole foot  swollen without really knowing the right cause. First visit to clinic, Doctor only prescribe antibiotic with instruction to follow up after few days. Just in short time it worsen, gangren start showing and so fast. Only after at Care4U clinics the real cause was discovered. But its already too late to save the fingers. What is the cause? it turn out that it start from a small wound on foot sole.. may be because of torn but the skin heal properly but inside  it was infected, then infection spread to the above area - that was the real cause of the swollen. If this was discovered and treated early, my Dad still could keep his foot finger.. Worsen, fuss flow from top of the foot. Government hospital only solution  is to amputate up to ankle.. Surely i would not agree to that.. its all too fast and stressful. After several visit to alternatives clinics and doctors finally we agree to seek treatment at Care4U clinics... at least dad could still have his foot..

before operation

one week after operation

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