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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Supplements for Diabetes Patients After Foot Operation

After major operation losing of 3 foot phalarges and a lot of skin and flesh my dad undergoing restricted diet for only certain kind of food; one particularly to control its sugar level and prevented from food that could give complication to new wound.. Shrimps and prawn is out of question, certain itchy fish, even chicken for fear of over creation of puss.. so basically its diet is a lot of sea cucumber soup, snakehead fish, salted fish and rice.. Dr advise to take a lot of vegetable.. but it is hard for your appetite to take a lot of vege daily... so I give dad B'young - a supplement consist of variety of vegetable, fruit and cereal... it realy give positive and fast healing process.. In 2 months flesh has grown over all exposed bone. even drs quite in disbelief.. on top of that my bro buy 4life product.. 4plus and glucoach

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