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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blood Glucose Meter

Blood Glucose Meter Bayer Contour TS

Blood Glucose Meter Bayer Contour TS which utilizes the advanced No Coding technology, is the best selling Blood Glucose Meter in Malaysia. Bayer is a well known brand. What come with renowned brand normally is sense of guarantee in term of quality and performance. Bayer has been bringing precision and reliability to diabetes care for over 60 years.

I would say that Bayer's Contour TS system is a simple win for people looking for high performance in blood glucose monitoring. I have not used other Blood Glucose Meter, but I am quite satisfied with Bayer Contour TS Blood Glucose Meter while using it to monitor my father blood glucose level. It is straight forward and easy.  First, insert test strip into Blood Glucose Meter. Second, use lancing device to draw blood sample. Third, put blood sample onto test strip, in seconds Blood Glucose Meter will give result of blood glucose level. Due to its simple use my father could do the blood glucose test by his own. Testing is made virtually painless because only a small amount of blood is needed (0.6 microlite) / easier language that would mean less than a drop of blood.

The Blood Glucose Meter Bayer Contour TS is the perfect balance of advanced technology and simplicity for easy accuracy in test results. Unlike previous technology Blood Glucose Meter need calibrating and manually entering a code chip or code strip with each new box of test strip is now not required. Thus, Bayer's No Coding™ technology will eliminates inaccuracies due to miscoding errors. Blood Glucose Meter Bayer Contour TS equipped with a large memory capacity of the last 250 tests for easy reference.
Blood Glucose Meter Bayer Contour TS has retail price of RM192. I bought one for RM180 from Zuq Pharmacy after some discount. Each pack comes with;
  1. 1 Bayer Contour TS Blood Glucose Meter
  2. 50 test strips
  3. 1 Lancing device
  4.  25 lancets
  5.  100 pieces of alcohol swabs
  6.   Lifetime warranty
Refill of test strips of 50 strips that come in 2 bottles with 25 test strips each would cost around RM80. 

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